"Better more complex barleywines, Belgiums? Of course. In the finish, the barleywine."
"Service is tatoo girl...the environment was more couples and the music reflected that"
"LCBO in a moment of inspiration, albeit it gay inspiration."
" A touch of lactose felt, from its yeast."
" lots of complecity. riding omnipollo without the weigjt and abv."
"... people said poo above all, how do they know?"
"...but the yeast was fruity and I am glad I paid up for this pop-top bottle. And yes, I got a pop on opening."
"...goes down easy and popular"
"...grainy like the sucrose toothpaste"
"...this place would be a standout anywhere. And its in a town."
"A bit of blind spot/black hole in the finish otherwise a fine saison"
"A bit of orange, malt takes down the exotic hop feature."
"a bit of yeast sediment as expiration date in 2 more months"
"A British style, mais oui, and a decent cask"
"A decent bitterness in taste and in aroma ... drinkable but not very drinkable."
"A decent lemonade, too close to dish soap, and some beer, essentially."
"A fine Belgian near sticky yeasty ale with good malting...In a word, sweetish Belgian yeast."
"A fine quality Belgium ale, rather strong alcohol and feels it, for a lunch"
"A good quad, sweetish but not overally, vegetative."
"A good turnover, so ice tea and soft drinks and the like."
"A mall crowning amount of head."
"A malt job, not overally drinkable cask when others are available, but would drink a pint if thirsty and only water, coffee, and prune juice would be my alternatives"
"A malty brown, not too sweet, with some chocolate and cocunt."
"a mixture of added malk to their ESb and Tankhouse"
"A pint is too much, but I do not mind pickles."
"A quarter of the bomber, and then noone would share."
"A tad sour, even a tad smoke, I guess the Scottish pat."
"A third left in bottle of citrus IPA, and the foam not shot out."
"A very drinkable porter, because it was a baltic that wasn't."
"A wonderful beer, worth dozens of others. "
"Active carbonation mouthfeel, though on the light side."
"Actually was more tasty when left for a few hours and just get the taste. "
"All you taste is the fruit flaroured bubble gum, not beer nor alcohol. Colour included."
"Also strong carbonation begs for food relief."
"am told it is their best seller. It did not store well in my beer celler (no pun intended) "
"Amazing citrav beer. Tavmehs thej cagt p in smell."
"And I had to have it, hopefully not a tribute to EL Salvador's water supply. "
"and now I too become a reviewer of the beer"
"Another lovely drinking Belgium from this brewery."
"Apparently good only when fresh "
"Appearance: Beer colour with vanilla added"
"Aroma of armpit funk and Selsun dandruff shampoo."
"Because minerally finish, it would fare better with some food, as a coffee replacement."
"Beer is healthy,it has B vitamins that aid the body in stress reduction and repair, and it has minerals. On the other extreme, Scotch is very not healthy."
"Being a Canadian, I am neutral and not gaga about bourbon."
"Best 1% of beers I have ever had"
"Better than the national brands by a moose whisker"
"Big rich stout, with full corn flavour. They call it bourbon."
"Bold Sweet malty nutty brown taste however appeared "essence" as in added not from the natural process. Alcohol in the scent could burn my nose."
"Brownidsh colour wity loots of fizz"
"but food is 30 minutes delay... The tap system is true mix with 60% notrogen"
"but its real music on your palate, not hard garage rock"
"but Quebec easiest to buy beer than anywhere in North America"
"Cane sugar stays with the Belgiums and mint with other Onatrio challengers."
"Carbonation is right there, and rated 1000 IBU, this is a palate shready."
"Carbonation is surprisingly strong for a 2009, justifying the difficulty in taking out this cork(yes I used a corkscrew and I am not a total weakling). "
"Carbonation makes the same story, a point and not overdone."
"Carbonation right there, pepper, average mouthfeel, lace onto a Caesar head."
"Certainly unique bottle and nice dark glass to keep contents from volatility."
"Chemical sterile glass so no aroma"
"Chocolate and vanilla, like that Sam Adams beer."
"Chocolate malt in the aroma, finally aroma. Sourish but also a bit of taste, whinish, until oddness wears you down."
"Choice of Toronto professionals after work and before the train."
"Clearly barley and malt in taste."
"Constant foaming, even an hour later, good thing I had a well engineered closer."
"Constructive criticism: don't brew this, don't serve this."
"Consumer detailed tasting notes: I opted out of the consumer tasting panel to get up and drink other notes, I paid for my half pint."
"Could be bottled."
"Could have gone to the grocery store, and lciked the extract. "
"Creamy head with noisy pour. "
"Crisp, clean, and bitter aftertaste."
"Dangerously drinkable, lace of a sea world."
"Did not go well with lunch, which is a good test for me for a beer I would have again."
"Didn't floor me, maybe more inetgration of elements as it ages (9 years to go after 1 ged)however I was getting different taste spectrums in the courses of supper and so it hit its objective."
"Drank most of it, for mouthfeel."
"Drinkable,they can improve the yeast quality, hey they sell it I rate it."
"Drying, with bammama, a little sour in the finish combined with sugar."
"Easy to rate on ratebeer."
"Eight taps, an the server/bartender was a trained gal from Ireland, no tattoos."
"Enormous head,which is how I pour it, and an easy mouthfeel."
"Enough of a drink experience, that you don't know the alcohol until..klunk. Glad I bought a six-pack."
"evaporates like a bathroom dump after a half hour or so"
"Excellent substitute where you would use bubbly wine or scotch or rum."
"Expirey May, was that this year?"
"Fanciest head of the zero gravities, which disapears in any case as it warms."
"Finally a good use for brown beer."
"Finish the water in the vase drying finish."
"Flavours going on, and that keeps me drinking for interest."
"For more details, see the excellent reviews of the top reviewers."
"Fortunately the bottle was only 7 oz. so I could finish it."
"Fresh Grand River beers on tap. Dark and dingy, but large, and in a decent part of town. Front bar smells. Owner, whose picture graces Grand River IPA bottle is 65 - how much longer can the place stay open?"
"Freshness as turnover. It is loud! and so the bartender will acknowledge you and have a friendly smile, but this is New York and there is no in-depth relationship."
"Funky yeast is more popular by e-raters."
"Glasses are hand washed, so the aroma is appreciated of the beers"
"Goes well with food, perfect for appetizers."
"Good ingrediants all around, although disjointed together. You can smell and taste the booziness a bit, but the yeast is there."
"good palate cleanser and changeup from all the cedar/imperial stouts"
"Good raspbery kick to a basic is base"
"Good with strong meat and caution not to have competing patatoes. "
"Green tea was the dominant taste, but could not distinguish from harsher beer taste, not well integrated."
"Half asleep, I thought I was pulling another Scandanavian porter from the fridge... It was quite bitter, yet reasonably well drinkable with lots of food in between sips"
"Heavy alcohol bt discussed by smooth flavor."
"hmm..25 minute drive with no traffic. First cask...hoppy or fruity?"
"Hop bubble, though rather neutral to look at, to smell."
"Hopped up with Cookie dough, mint, rum, dates and fig, ice cream mothfeel more than bitterness.. "
"Horrible smell, wafting throughout office like I was a homeless person."
"I am surprised this was on clearance ... maybe it was last year's, but it was good value."
"I can see carbonation bases. "
"I cannot give every attempt at a DIPA the Sammy 4 "
"I did it, I drank it all."
"I found it hard to drink a mouthfeel. "
"I gave out a slew of these instead of single malt scotch and got great feedback while saving loads of money for more beer for me."
"I guess my expectations were primed for the breakfast level of stout."
"I left one glass for 24 hours for my buddy and he thougt it was good even then."
"I think the IBU was 40-50 though and not the unoffical 0-70."
"I was a bottle past my 12-packer for the plane. Hence an enjoyable and informative sharing with Jeff at Jaspar's in Nashua. "
"I was here, I had time till my flight, that's my story."
"I will be a bunch for my clients"
"I would certainly drink this again if only hot tapwater was available and I was thirsty."
"I would rather put some New Zealand honey in hot water and skip the carbonation part."
"If open more than a few minutes , pour out."
"In a word, creamy yeasty milk taste with hop bitterness in the finish. "
"In a word, pleasant and nicely drinkable."
"Incredibley eveready rabbit drinkable..goes on and on over supper."
"initially a bit of cheese coming out of the can."
"Initially a very sour and then the woodiness takes over."
"Intended as a limited release for the winter, this has been kept on in the lineup. And it is mostly that. "
"It has above average carbonation, and some odd water as if warning me the water is safe to drink but not tasty."
"It is sometimes easier in travelling the shortcut trough the 63 to New York and New Jersey to pass by here, and get gas across the street. One problem is neither will let you use their bathroom, which makes choosing beer a bit of a strain."
"It is very drinkable for the style, which is a swallow at a time."
"It seems the Ladies are going along as good sports, the single Ladies are trying to get up to speed, learn the styles-because this is where the good lucking and increasingly successful guys are heading to."
"It was young, it was plumb."
"Its a bitter, sucking the leaf sucking the lime hop delivery that works and is satisfying aftertaste, not in your face or substantial malting as in other DIPA."
"Its all about this flavour and its not really a beer to me, I am OK with many of these coffee beers. Not this time"
"Jigh onu bite with grapefruit pineapple taste Lace sheet on fruit juice appearance."
"Keep it very cold like vodka. On second thought, have a vodka."
"Lace and sediment and mouth tingling - in the last ounce of sediment. But maize? that's known as corn."
"Like a saison, extremely horse though recent brew."
"Liked the brown colour, the bubbles in the yeast"
"Look, this is overated. This brewer should have the skill to control sourness. I don't like over-the-top corriander"
"Looked like a barleywine with yeast"
"looks better than it sounds"
"Looks like average beers, correcting for where it is, styles. I would try it if brought in local."
"Looks like vampire blood and that brown stuff in the glass. The taste is creamy cheesy and then whoh! aroma is rotting something in clothes. "
"lots of initial head on pour on orangey brown."
"Loved suctioning that cream on top. "
"Lsrge retainrd white head on golden body. Brett aroma commingled with hops. Very smooth mluthfeel"
"Malt job, with an dd bitterness...If I drank a growler, I may get some fruit in taste but I can't."
"Malt midstream. Maybe more malts..or less. Not bad at all."
"Malted away for drinkability."
"Malted away...Nothing off just bland, and not fresh from brewery"
"Malty, but not well malted"
"Masterful, rhubard like you never tasted it, I do like red cabbage salad with balsmatic vinegar, and it was a cousin to that taste."
"Maybe this is unfair, but men should not consume raisins as it is not easy to get rid of the iron."
"Medium mouthfeel, approachable. Medium plus mouthfeel from the yeast."
"Metallic and machine oil in nose and taste, initial oxidizationand then mellows"
"Mixed feelings on this, poureda lot of yeasty foam...However the fragments of reddish pieces were disconcerting."
"Montreal culture doesn’t encourage many people sitting at a bar talking to the bartenders, rather the moving of drinks."
"More complex as I drink it, and that has to be done sip by sip."
"More mal than any coffee or chocolate."
"more straeberry than rhubard. drink slowly and"
"Most was fortunately saved, and it poured mollasses substantially in foam form."
"Mouth creamy,caramel malt job. Malt in aroma, and a pinch of cinammon and other common drops of kitchen spice rack and cooking chocolate."
"my ho time passes"
"My mature tastebuds found it a very good yeast preparation"
"Narrow passages to get by tables and Sewer backup smell this night and yet the windows all open."
"Need some food to not have to crawl away."
"Nice beer, but just much on the dessert side."
"Noone looked at me or cared so I found it easy to just enjoy a coller temperature beer with my late lunch in the complementary (for tables and cups etc.) cafetaria area."
"not a plate shredder"
"Not coughing smoke, but its right up there"
"Not crazy on some of the spices as pepper. In your face carbinations means an uneasy mouthfeel for some."
"Not objectionable qualities of sight and smell. "
"Not strongly yeasty, it was not too hoppy, nor too spicey, which was appreciated by the tongue...Take notice, my fellows, this is Underated."
"Not swallowed because of maple, which was substantial, and because too much alcohol this night."
"Note: the bubbling part looked like the stuff they give me before stomach x-rays, to cear the stomach. It did."
"Off-horse blanket after-taste"
"Ohio is friendly and relationships count"
"OK as a porter and beer, but the sourness must be accepted."
"Ok drinkable at 18 IBU but nothing special as a beer even for a golden, not very drinkable."
"Ok session brew and with Chinese food as light complexion. "
"OK with overpowering strong meat."
"On sweet side of aftertish, but sourness lingers on."
"On tap at tje source.on tje style helles. But pales in comparison to their more ontense flavoured beers."
"On the sweet side, but not sweet"
"On the tad sweet side, the brews tend to be well malted though not overally, just to make it drinkable as opposed to slow sippers."
"One of the better brewpubs in North America that I have been to, and one I will unconditionally return. Some more guest taps and some side sofas to sit and relax would be interesting improvements on an already great place"
"only average mouthfeel is felt, maybe it is a tad over."
"ours Reddish with restrained but noticeable foam, in my anti-gravity glass"
"Perhaps I am a contrarian, but I also like Canadian garlic beer."
"Place is smallish, bar results in nowhere to be out of close contact with drunk patrons, staff moving by. So it OK to stop in for a pint of local stuff"
"Plastic mouthfeel, with antibacterial agent."
"Pleasant surprise, and not even clear from the board, but rather someone at the bar."
"Points for not being overally coffee."
"Pour in proper glass (see picture on bottle) and drink within a few minutes. Delicious, drink slowly with meal."
"Pour it yourself to get the head you like."
"Pours a very dark brown with the visual consistency of peach fruit."
"Pours foamy lagerish glass."
"Quad is barrelling aroma"
"Quite consistent creaminess which may be popular, but for me worth saving to add to hamburger."
"Radekfest 05 sample 33"
"Recommend with food to give your brain more range of flavours."
"Replacement for ginger ale. Hey, carbs but less calories and more food value."
"Rich richness fruit. "
"RIP, this beer was aged two years in my cellar and did not make it."
"Rising bubbles. Worth a try."
"Saaz did not provide high carbonation, everything smooth."
"Salad in the glass."
"single guys take note there were 80% women drinking beer here on a Tuesday, higher than the already noticeable Burlington average. Certainly influenced by Quebec, certainly lonely."
"Smell of chicken coup. A little chicken feather taste in the blend."
"Smelt like sweaty gym clothes, not mine."
"Smoked and drinkable. Above average drinkable. Very drinkable and approachable. Decent drinkablilty. "
"Smooth geuze, its the corn and sugar making it an easy drink after a lot of work."
"Smooth with orange worked in"
"So not mouthpuckering"
"Some smell of wheat but unfortunately the glasses are bleached out."
"Something to have from a sinking ship, and then...forget."
" really is a Belgium. It is the style as you can smell the yeast and taste oil and yeast and its very unique with the nut oil. I like nuts. This is nuts! ppular with my mates. Needed two mates to sip up."
"Sorry to whoever sent this, I left it to age a bit and my great memory is short."
"SOurish, I think from some wheat and yeast implosion."
"Staff clearly said no bottles and confirmed that later when I called. "
"t was like a 1.5 IPA with good bitterness, lemoney, and malted down or balance."
"Tangerine and melon harshness, every flavour I avoid."
"Tasted not swallowed, but like a flavoured herbal tea so flavoured porter."
"Thanks Viggo's ladyfriend for submitting for tasting."
"The 6% still brought out the flavour, which I think was easier because of the coffee grinds."
"The acidity is high in finishing, during the day"
"The aroma gets in the way of the taste, getting an interaction with the bitterness."
"The bacteria, which is good guy bacteria, interacts in the mouth for hours and fills you up. . The taste is a little Belgium, rasiny, a tad of rye."
"The bitterness is hops and I was Ok with it"
"The Brett and other enzymes are interesting and adding to the palate message"
"The chocolate, the bitterness, licorice root, wanted by beers, altogether good. "
"The cork was a good quality."
"The hops are not at palate erasing mode yet a new beer."
"The JP aroma of sour yeast, sour, yeasty."
"The juice is loose"
"The look is of a light boy but also cloudy"
"The moose was loose."
"The music allows for conversation, and is the world of Black music for around the world, soulful and relaxing."
"The mystery is how the lake ever got up there. Eating on the patio is awesome and quiet, and very very safe."
"The name is Saint Patrick's, but this is a one-of -kind under the catchall of amber. Uniqueness was it was both hoppy and brown."
"The original Eisbock? Well that's something, although I thought that happened in the WWI transportation to the Kraut troops."
"The potential tartness, which increases by sample, is well malted, so that drinkability is very good. "
"The sourness is challenging for the gums of my teeth"
"The style, but not the best representative of the style."
"The taste depends on where you put it on the tongue."
"The taste is above average mouthfeel, above average carbonation and a good chocolate and malting job."
"the taste is creamy sweat coffee"
"The taste of higher IBU but probably due to the inclusion of some vinegar on purpose."
"The taste, strong barley and young."
"The upper 1% beer. It was like a great wine... had the 2nd in a special package two months later and it stank"
"The whole thing, in a word, feh!"
"There were local alki's hanging out outside when I arrived, but locals by the time I left. Inside were the regulars"
"They make you buy a 750 ml. to get a taste."
"They want to bottle but bottle your supermodel not your more acceptable"
"they will sample whatever you want to drink, but as in most places, it taste different in a pint glass that is handled more carefully."
"This impressed me as an accident at the taps of some second-rate bar, not something to be served up at the brewery itself."
"This is the salad to my meat dish."
"This is wheat, this is the style."
"This was past due. I got it that way in the trade, but didn't have time to check the bottle."
"This would appeal to men and to ladies, a rare unisex beer."
"Told to serve at 50 degrees plus (what happened to Celsius?)"
"Unique in It didn't seem like 11%. Malt and alcohol winter warmer. Hint of orange citrus in syrup. "
"Very apple tasting, for a change with cider."
"Very coffee and great stuff."
"Very drinkable, even at lunchtime though requiring a weekend nap."
"Very fresh from the factory"
"very good craftsmanship of Saaz hops."
"Very good ingredients: the malt, the yeast, the hops, the creamy mouthfeel."
"Very good, but this is it for the night, but in such an interesting way."
"very malted, but a plate shredder"
"Very smooth drink, hard to gulp down although I gave it a college effort."
"Very tart aftertaste 28 hours later, which is not relatively bad."
"Was a very pleasant beer, though the others I have had in the style added up to something I was looking forward to."
"We drank our free samples, muttering into our beers. "
"Well that's something, although I thought that happened in the WWI transportation to the Kraut troops."
"What's the fuss? Did I cellar it for too long at weeks?"
"when peeno on these, don't care about ornage flavour, sorry flavor"
"While virtaully any beer is kosher, the clear markings from a trusty kashruth inspection organization can only help with those that are careful on these matters."
"Whiskey was so boozy for mid-day, but hey it beats bourbon."
"yeast is very nice and drinkable."
"Yes, carbonation there, but also unfiltered in-face yeast experience."
"You must like papaya and what it does for your digestion. "
"You need some food if a meal. "
"You sold it,I rate it and the sourness may be attributable to an oops infection batch"

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